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crystal deodorant

has anyone ever used a crystal rock deodorant? just wondering if it works as well at controlling odor as the reviews claim. ?

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    I hope someone answers this...I've been using Tom's, and since I had the baby it doesn't work anymore.  I'm stinky after only a few hours.
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    I use the crystal stuff in conjunction with the Tom's Apricot.  I would say it's only okay.  I definitely feel like I have to re-apply mid-day and even then.... I hope someone comes up with a better solution because I could use a little more odor protection.  I am in a hot classroom all day and sometimes I know I don't smell good at the end of the day.
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    I use it, and I love it.

    It does not control wetness, but it does a great job w/ odor.  I currently shower every other day (not sure how gross people find this, lol), and only sometimes on the 2nd day at the end do I detect even a faint smell.

    I prefer it to Tom's - i seem to sweat a LOT more w/ Tom's, and get stinkier.

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    I've been using it in conjunction w/ Degree.  The crystal alone didn't do much for me.  Crystal & some EF stuff I got at Whole Foods (can't remember what it was) left me smelling really funky & the EF stuff was sticky & gross.  I had a thing of Degree, so I started using it w/ the crystal.  It's ok & can get me through the whole day, but I'm not thrilled w/ the combo.  It does seem like the crystal prevents that nasty armpit residue I used to get when using Degree alone (I put the crystal on first & let it dry, then apply Degree).
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