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New here!

I have never really posted over here on the bump, but was active on the nest and knot boards in previous years.

My son, who will be 2 this month, is getting ear tubes placed in January.  He currently has a mild/moderate hearing loss due to the fluid that will not clear from his ears.  

 My question is, has anyone's DC gone through this process?  If so, do you have any helpful advice.  I am really just mostly nervous about the anesthesia part, and the recovery afterwards.  He will also be scoped while he is out to check his airway, as he has a tendency to get croupy very easily.  


Re: New here!

  • I have 3 children who had tubes.  My youngest just had them put in last month.  One of my 3 year olds has mild hearing loss as a result however the way they put it to me his was conditional on the amount of fluid build up in his ears.  They put the kids under and the ear tubes were done in about 10 minutes.  All three were angry upon waking up.  Our youngest was pissed at the world!  He napped a long nap that day then played like nothing happened for the remainder of the day.

    My 3 year old has had 3 additional ear infections after tubes were placed.  The tubes fell out this past fall and the ENT wants to recheck him.  She said she'd alow one ear infection this year and if he got another one than he would get another set of tubes.  He's currently being evaluated for a speech and language delay.  He has an articulation delay and is difficult to understand.  He also broke his foot in February of 2008 and has since had a limp when he walks.  They will evaluate for a gross motor delay as well.  He does have stiff muscles as per our neonatalogist when we had NICU evlauations done on his since he was a premiee.

  • Thanks for the reassuring words.  I am a bit worried about it, and it is always good to hear about others experiences.  Luckily I work in Early Intervention myself, so I have been really watching his speech.  he does have articulation problems, but an SLP I work with said this may change after the tubes.  Right now it is a waiting game. 

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