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cloth wipe question

ok after all y cd research i cant believe i, asking this but my baby came almost 4 weeks early and im a mess. have had to put off cds for now but started with cloth wipes. bfing hasnt gone as planned either so he gets formula and pumped bm. my question - how do u clean cloth wipes for a baby thats bf and ff?? do u just throw them in the wash or have to scrape off the poop first? tia!!

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    Congrats - your LO is darling!

    I haven't really had to deal with this yet, but fromwhat I've picked up here, you can scrape it off if theres a lot, but otherwise, you can just throw it in the wash.  Take care of yourself - don't feel bad about putting off the CD's - do it when you can & feel comfortable!  Enjoy your new DC!

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    Hey Candy, congrats!

    What happened w/ bf?  I had a really hard time too (well he did w/ latching) I bought a nipple shield and it was a godsend.

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    hey there! - BFing jeez. well he came so early the LC at the hosp said he wasnt strong enuf to suck. we tried the nipple shield - it didnt work. since then ive been committed to exclusively pumping and giving him BM in a bottle. unfortuantely, ive run into engorgement issues, plugged ducts (torture), milk blisters all over my nipples and now possibly thrush. cant even tell u how depressed ive been bout this. its so difficult but im too stubborn to give up. since the milk blisters have clogged my ducts, im not producing enuf BM and have to supplement with formula :( now it kills to put him to the breast.

     i just dont know what to do somet days...

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