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Brooklyn Hospital Reviews?

Hi all,


Just found out I'm pregnant and Im barely 5 weeks, but starting to think about my OB/GYN doctor and the hospital they are affiliated with. Does anyone have any experience with Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn? I live in Bay Ridge and am thinking about our options.





Re: Brooklyn Hospital Reviews?

  • My niece was born in Lutheran and a few of my friends babies were born there and they really did not have good experiences at all.  My niece was born with a sling artery and they told her to take her home she was fine and just to follow up at a later time.  My sister in law of course brought her to a specialist right away and she had to have two surgeries and they told her if that she would have waited any longer my nieces artery connecting to her heart would have been damaged.  Also I heard that a lot of doctors are transferring to Lutheran because they pay their malpractice insurance for them, so the hospital is a baby factory and my sister in law was breastfeeding in the nicu and a roach dropped onto her shoulder.  And she was also cold in the middle of the night, she had a c section so she was extra cold, she asked for an extra blanket and they told her one is enough.  I know I am rambling but everyone that has had a baby there is not going back.  I am sure you can take a tour, also if you do go there you can slip the lady at admissions some money to get you into a private room faster.

  • My SIL delivered at Lutheran and I did not like it there at all.  It was not clean, when I went to use the bathroom in her birthing room there was blood on the floor of the shower.  I'm in Bay Ridge too and go to Dr. Gary Fiasconaro on 75th and Colonial, I like him a lot - he is very rushed during your visits, but if you have any questions he takes the time to answer them  - some women prefer his brother Dr. Santo Fiasconaro, it's said he has a better bedside manner - they deliver at Methodist, which is the only hospital I would go to in Brooklyn. I'm due in 7 weeks.  We took a hospital tour w/ our birthing class and my husband was very impressed. A few of my friends delivered at Methodist and loved it.  They offer weekly tours on Tuesday evenings.  You should take the tour and check it out. It's always good to know what you are getting into well before hand.  Good luck and congratulations! 

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  • I have two friends who delivered at Brooklyn Hospital, Dr Cabbad, they both loved the hospital and the Dr. ?Also Methodist, LICH is going thru some money issues, wouldn't suggest them.
  • Dr. Brennan delivers at LICH. LICH is horrible. The recovery nurses were amazing though. But I would stay away, stay far away.
  • Dr.Brennan is a horrible obgyn, really deceitful, hates women. I don't know why he became an obgyn.
  • I know people who gave birth at Lutheran and had a great experience. One had a c section and the other had her 2 vaginal births there.

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