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selling stuff other than cd's on diaperswappers?

anyone had any luck doing this? i have a hardly used diaper bag from pottery barn that is nms. do you think it'd be better to list it on ds than on craigslist?


also, where would you list gdiapers on ds? under covers?


can you tell i am cleaning house? lol.

Re: selling stuff other than cd's on diaperswappers?

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    Why not list it on both? ?I have seen gdiapers in diaper lots I believe.
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    good point! why didn't i think of that?
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    I have sold some clothes - maternity and regular clothes.  I didn't sell them all but it was good to get rid of what I did.  Also I bought some robeez from a mom on there too.
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    I've sold almost all my maternity on there.  And a bunch of Korra & Xavian's clothes.
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    I have sold my entire Gdiapers stash on DS... one of my first sales :)


    I also sold a digital camera, nursing tanks, mat pants, non maternity pants, baby clothes... I have a bunch of stuff listed and getting itnerest in a lot


    List it! at this point if I need anything I always look on DS first, lol

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