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Diaper pattern

Where did you get a pattern to make diapers?  What fabric did you use?  I keep seeing babies on this board with adorable diapers.

Re: Diaper pattern

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    I have ordered the AIO, cloth and wrap/cover patterns from I just received the AIO pattern yesterday and looked over it -- the others I ordered today.

    The patterns look super easy and I'm excited to start sewing -- but I haven't yet, so I can't give any testimony about how well I'll like this specific company's patterns.

    I also ordered some fabric (birdseye and inner diaper fabric) from them, as well as some notions. I'd like to also find out where all these girls get this gorgeous fabric at!!


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    i order all of my fabrics from

    for the pattern, there are some free ones if you google around a bit. i ended up using a kit ( and tracing the fabric pieces that they sent me to have a hard copy of the pattern. i also purchased a kck one pattern ($5) that i have not used yet. it is a very popular pocket diaper pattern.

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