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Would you spend the money?

Clearly our little one is still incubating ... but I'm excited and, with it being winter in Ohio and all, I'm ready to start sewing our stash of cloth diapers after the holidays. I ordered and received a AIO pattern already and looked over it -- seems easy enough. I also ordered some birdseye and touchtape. I'm also looking at getting another cloth-only pattern and some more notions.

So my question is: Would you invest the money to get a snap press? Clearly I haven't sewn any diapers yet, but I believe I like the idea of snap diapers. The press is $80 and the dies are $36; then I'd have to buy snaps on top of that. So, I'm looking at $116+.

For those of you with experience with sewing your own snap diapers -- worth it?  Or would you just go the touchtape route and be done with it? Or is there another option?

Any and all advice is appreciated. 

Re: Would you spend the money?

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    I have one.  My mom bought it for me, but if she hadn't, I would have saved up to buy one.  It has come in so handy and I've only had it for about a month.  I really like it.  I plan on making my own diapers for our next baby and I make some for DD now.  I've also used it to repair used diapers (replacing old aplix, etc.)
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    ::Waves to a fellow Buckeye::

    Do you know where she got the press? The one I'm looking at/considering is at ...

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    We ordered it through

    They shipped super fast.  I think I had it in like 2 days, but I'm impatient like that Embarrassed

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    I would start to dew them first and make a few with velcro. ?We actually have mainly velcro. ?This way you can get a feel for the patterns and see if you like making them. ?If you are going to sell diapers as well, I would say to think about buying a snap press, more than if you are only making for yourself.
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    I'd wait and see if you like the velcro vs. the snaps - I'm not a snap girl myself.  That may change in the future, but DS has such a skinny waist that the snaps can be a bit of a PITA if they don't overlap, and even then, sometimes I still can't get quite the fit I can with the velcro.
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