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Hey!  Yes, the Christmas longies are from MonkeySnuggleBottom too.  I convo'd her and she made them from 3 leftover yarns she had.  The shirt is from Target. They're $5.99, which I thought was a bit steep, but the quality is acually really good.  They're thick and heavy.  I think they only come in onesies for smaller sizes...MJ's is a 24 months.  She usually wears 18 months, but it fits fine :)

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    Thanks for the info! Now that I've seen the longies in action I can't wait to get a pair!! I put DD in her first fitted diaper this morning (ooga booga print from green sprouts) and it was SOOOO cute! Now I'm in love with a whole other aspect of CD'ing!!

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    Darn, I keep posting and forgetting to add everything in - I was going to ask how big your DD was? The measurements on the longies seemed pretty good for us and it looks like they fit MJ pretty well. My DD is about 18-ish lbs and maybe 28-ish inches long.
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    she's 21 lbs and 30 inches long. i think they'll work for you.  they have a drawstring, so you can pull them up a bit if needed.

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