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NBR: APB on Gap Sweater for DH

I swear, this year, my DH picked THE most popular sweater in this Gap Merry Mix It campaign and it's all he wants for X-mas.  I am running myself ragged trying to chase this thing down.  NONE of the Gaps I've been to have it in his size (XL).    If you happen to be in a Gap, or near a Gap, or passing a Gap and see this thing in an XL PLEASE let me know ASAP.  I check "My Posts" regularly. of course I cannot provide a pic:

If you see the ad (it's up in the stores) with the 3 guys from SNL, It's the one on the left, with the grey and black (possibly blue--I have difficulty distinguishing them when the blue is really dark) v-neck with burgundy neckline and sleeve cuffs.  Personally, not my fave, but he loves it and wants it, I mean and bad.

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