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Bay Ridge Restaurants

Hi Can anyone give me the names and maybe prices of restaurants in Bay Ridge Brooklyn? ?My cousin is due in July any light and airy or outdoor places? ?thanks

Re: Bay Ridge Restaurants

  • Hi! I live in Bay Ridge and DH and I go out there all the time. Here are our favorite places. Is this for a shower?

     Chadwicks (ALWAYS see showers going on here)
    Zio Toto
    Pearl Room (nice garden room)
    Greenhouse Cafe (I think they have an outdoor spot)


    I'm having a brain fart, but if I remember some more, I'll repost. Good luck! 3rd Ave has all the best restaurants...

  • I also live in Bay Ridge and love Nouvelle and the Pearl Room! Also love Elias for Greek, 101 and Cebu.
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