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Elise's Birth Story- LIP

It's long long long- sorry about that!!



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Re: Elise's Birth Story- LIP

  • Lauren, thanks for posting your story!!  It's nice to hear each woman's experience of labor/delivery.  Too bad about that 4th degree tear!  That sounds yucky.  But I'm glad Elise is here and healthy!
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  • Thanks for posting all of that. ?I know you would much rather be spending time with your precious baby! ?She is so adorable. ?


    I am glad you posted all of that. ?I'm so sorry about the tear and hope that it heals quickly!


    Can't wait to see more pictures of Elise and her nursery!?

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  • Those pesky cords! ?It makes you wonder what our kids were doing in there!

    Thank goodness everything turned out okay... well except for the tear - ouch! ?Hopefully you are taking the time to take care of yourself as well as that sweet baby. ?I know I tend to put the "me" stuff off, so DH is in charge of making sure I do all the stuff for me like do my sitz bath, etc. ?


  • Thank you for posting your story. So glad she's here safe and sound, and that neither a c-section or nicu were needed. Oh, and she's freakin' adorable! :)
  • Lauren, thanks so much for posting your story. She is absolutely beautiful and I hope you are doing well.
  • Thank you for taking the time to post!  I hope your tear heals quickly and well.  I'm glad all is going well!
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