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Did your preemie sleep a lot?

My DS was born at 30 weeks, he came home from the hospital about a month later. I feel like he is always asleep. Is this common?
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Re: Did your preemie sleep a lot?

  • Early on Campbell slept all the time.  She was especially sleepy b/c she was anemic.  Sometimes it felt as if she would sleep, wake up just in time to eat, then go right back to sleep.  I think as long as he's eating enough, for right now it's fine.  Of course, as always, you may want to check with your pedi, but ours said it was normal.

    Trust me, in a few months, you'll miss this time....

  • Hello,

    My son was born at 33 weeks and came home after a month he is now 2months 2weeks old and also anemic.  He eats and sleeps most of the day when he is at home and stays up maybe 30 mins during the entire day unless something is wrong.  If we go out (someone elses house) he stays awake for most of the day.

  • Very common. ?DS had his nights and days mixed up until around 4 weeks adjusted age. ?Now I feel like he NEVER sleeps and it is a battle to get him to nap and go down for the night. ?So enjoy this!
  • I believe this is pretty common. Nolan was born at 33 weeks & he slept a lot in the beginning. He suddenly seemed to have longer wakeful periods when he was 4 weeks adjusted.
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  • When Brandon first came home he slept a lot. Now he is awake a good portion of the day. There are some days I almost wish he would sleep more.
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  • Totally normal - it's normal for preemies to not really be awake much until around their due dates.  When we first brought our 32wkr home after a month in the NICU we used to "fight" over who's turn it was to go get him in the middle of the night because those few minutes of making noise for milk were the only times he was awake - lol.  Then suddenly around his due date he started being awake more often and for longer periods of time :-)
  • Same here.  We had to wake DD to eat every three hours until we got close to her due date.  Then she started to be awake more. 
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  • yes.My ds slept a TON. I was so worried, but I think preemies just need a bit of extra sleep. He should still be in the womb sleeping if you think about it!
  • My DD slept all the time. I used to have to wake her up to eat and there were times she never really opened her eyes while she ate so it was like one continous sleep with a bottle in between! It's only been a couple of weeks now that she'll stay awake for a few hours during the day.

  • DD slept a lot her first week or so home but she would start fussing and crying when it was time to eat.

    I've noticed in the past week that she's awake more.  Not a whole lot more, but for an extra 5 or 10 minutes after eating, or while we're holding her on the couch watching a movie or whatnot.  Her due date was 12/31 so I think she's a bit more awake as she's nearing that day.

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