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How did you make cloth wipes?

I'm mostly curious about what type of fabric you used and if you made them single or double ply. I don't have a surger, but my mom does if I decide to do them that way. Otherwise I'll probably just do some simple stitching with a folded in edge (for double ply) like I saw in a PIP the other day. I bought some flannel scraps to play around with and test out my new sewing machine (I'm pretty much a beginner, though I've been known to sew simple patterns in the very distant

Do you use flannel, knit, terry, or something else? One or two layers? Thanks!

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Re: How did you make cloth wipes?

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    two layers of cotton flannel.  i stitched them together, leaving a hole, turned them right side out and top stitched all the way around near the edge.  i made mine smaller than most (about 4x6) and i really like them.
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    I made mine double sided flannel.  If I'd had access to terry I probably would have used that for one side, to help with poopy diapers.  Stupid small town with nothing but walmart :(

    I stitched with right sides together, turned, and then topstitched.  I also made mine really small (6.5")- I would definitely make them bigger next time.  The plus is that since they are double sided they are way more absorbant than the baby washcloths, so they do as good a job or even better. 

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    Mine are about half and half two layer flannel and flannel/terry.  Like others, I sewed them right sides together, then turned them right-side out and topstitched.  I think I cut mine 8.5" square, so they're a little smaller than that all done.
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    I turned and topstitched like everyone else.  I did some flannel/flannel and some flannel/terry.  I prefer the flannel, but DH prefers the terry.  The flannel was definitely easier to work with (and less expensive) than the terrycloth if that makes a difference to you. 

    Mine are about 8x8, but my next project will be to make some smaller ones for the diaper bag (probably 4x8).

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