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Motivational To Do Lists Here!

I have a tiny confession: I took a 3 hour nap this morning after Saxton was up and down all night.

But, now, I am up and alive!  I have lots to do today, (but will post that here in a minute) and I understand so do a lot of other EF nesties.

What's everyone need to get done today?

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Re: Motivational To Do Lists Here!

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    i took a nap this morning, too! now i have to get ready for work. boo!!
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    I need to stop nesting and do some actual work so I still have a job! Embarrassed
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    Becoming motivated is on my to do list :)
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    I am going to have to take a nap sooner or later.. been up for hours already which sucks big time..


    School with ds, hopefully with enough energy for art class, there are painting lessons to be done.

    Pick up 10 re-usable grocerybags from a local freecycler

    Cook- Something?

    I had wanted to go to a park today but its SUPER foggy and every step I take since last night is painful. This might get cut but ds doesnt know so he cant miss what he didnt know about.

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    My list is pretty boring: 

    I only have TWO MORE Christmas gifts to buy!!!  I'd like to get those purchased on my lunch break today.

    We're having dinner guests tonight, so I need to get the table set, pick up the house, and make dinner.


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    Here's my list:

    pickup Xavian from school

    3 loads of laundry

    feed dog & cat

    help Korra with her missed school work

    tiny homemade icing

    ice cookies

    bake m&m cookies


    clean bathroom

    change Korra's sheets & flip her mattress

    grocery list

    post EF Nestie Awards winners!

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    Get some actual work done while I'm at work!!  I'm hoping to take some time off during Christmas, and I have a TON to get done before then!

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    Here goes::

    Pick up student papers, drop off books for various people, 

    run to bookstore, run to Target, buy mulling sices and

    cinnamon sticks, eat lunch, wrap gifts, clean living room,

    vacuum, clean master bedroom, turn in grades for

    graduating seniors, grade 10 papers, calculate

    overall grades for students whose papers just got

    graded, research hyperthyroid conditions, fold laundry, 

    clean off dvr, chior practice at 7:30, then DH comes 


    Mother's Day, 2011
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    Me thinks Bug is busier than I today.

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    I think I might win for most to-do:

    2 Loads of laundry

    Wash diapers

    Fold & put away DD's clothes

    Clean cat litter

    Clean cat pee out of carpet

    Finish packing up DD's old clothes

    I have ppl coming over later to pick up art supplies I'm getting rid of

    Finish 1 fleece blanket and start another

    Go to lunch w/ friends

    Go to store to get last miinute supplies for xmas gifts

    Make and pack xmas gifts

    Start on truffles for tomorrow's going away dinner


     Finalize goodwill donations

    There is NO way it's all getting done today, but that's just a taste of what I have to do.  We move on Tuesday so I have a lot more to get done!

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    Eeeh...lots of it will get done at the same time.  I have to

    start in three minutes.  Ew.

    Mother's Day, 2011
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    get diapers in the dryer
    call doctor to tell them we changed insurance
    wrap some christmas gifts
    come up with a few more gift ideas
    check in on the neighbor who just had twins, bring some slings for her to try and mothers milk tea
    get some knitting done!

    i'm sure there's more....?

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