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Broke down and splurged

On the zebra print Minky pocket diaper. It feels shameful to spend $33 on one diaper...but it's SO damned cute!!! And I justified it by buying the OS pocket instead of the diaper cover so she'll get more use out of it...LOL.

And yes, if the next one is a boy he'll be wearing a zebra print diaper too.

Re: Broke down and splurged

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    We have a minky trainer for Korra.  I like to pet it.  I want one of my own to wear.  I am jealous of my children and the cloth they wear.

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    Oooh, I love the Minky diapers.  I have two I got on diaperswappers, almost new for $26 each.  You can always look there for a deal!  The way I justify any blueberry diaper is that it is 1) OS 2) comes with hemp insert (I replaced all my BG inserts with hemp) which is much better than microfiber.
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