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Northern Westchester vs. Putnam Hospital

Hi, I'm early in my pregnancy and looking for OB affilated with a hospital...any advice from previous mothers whether to go wtih Northern Westchester vs Putnam Hospital?

Re: Northern Westchester vs. Putnam Hospital

  • I've heard nothing but good things about Northern Westchester. My sisters and 3 cousins delivered their babies there (a total of 8 births) I was present for 3 of the births.

    NWHC is also a Designated Planetree Hospital (dedicated to patient-centered and family-focused healthcare). One of my cousins actually had complications (e-clampsia) and her treatment there was outstanding. The baby was actually released before she was and the hospital actually allowed her to keep the baby in the room with her if she chose to (they provided a bassinet stocked with diapers and food in case the baby stayed).

     As far as Putnam, I dont have any experience with them. For regular hospital stuff (ER and surgeries) I've heard from co-workers about bad experiences but I dont have any first hand knowledge. I should add though, one of my cousins who delivered in NWHC lives in Brewster but chose NWHC instead even though PHC is obviously much closer...

  • Thanks for the opinion.  One of my friends just had her baby at NWHC and she said it was outstanding as well.  I live near Brewster as well, thanks for the input, I think I'll be going with NWHC.
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  • I also have heard nothing but great things about N. Westchester.  I know 4 women who have delivered there and all had great experiences.  it really depends on what type of labor and delivery you have in mind.  Some women want to experience a natural, drug free labor and some know off the bat they want to have access to an anesthesiologist and meds.  Depending on your OB and your idea of what you are looking for will help make that decision.  Some hopspitals to not specialize is natural births or vice versa.  Chek em both out you have plenty of time...take care and good luck :)


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