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Do you ice before injections?

Last night was my first follistim and maybe I'm a huge wuss - but it hurt. Do you ice first?

(I realize this is a small shot compared to many others). 

Re: Do you ice before injections?

  • Not for the follistim.  I did mine in my thigh and stomach and found that if you pinched your skin for a few seconds before hand that seemed to help me - didn't really feel much.

    The Ovidrel trigger shot I learned to ice before hand.  For me that was much more painful b/c it's a thicker needle.  THe first IUI I didn't ice, and the second IUI I did ice.  Made a lot of difference.

    Good Luck!

  • i only ice before a trigger shot.  the lupron and follistim aren't generally bad for me.  i just let both get to room temp. before i inject.
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  • Thanks, I'll definitely ice for the trigger and I'll try the pinching tonight. I may try the thigh...I feel like that would hurt less, but who knows.
  • No, I didn't ice. I didn't even think of it.
  • I only ice for HCG and PIO (IM injections).  

     If it makes it easier for you, I say keep doing it.

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  • I don't ice for the follistim either, but if you find it painful I find that icing helps!
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  • yep, I ice before every injection - no matter what it is. I bruise and bleed otherwise. Plus, I am a wuss too. :) It doesn't matter how many times I do it!


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  • I do not ice for Follistim.  When I started they hurt a little but trust me you get used to them and when you do some of the others you'll appreciate the Follistim needed.  Just do it quick and make sure you have enough skin squeezed.  Good luck Danse.

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  • No I don't ice for any injection. I find the majority of them do not hurt.
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  • I ice for HCG and PIO (then do heat after shot for PIO)


    The follistim was such a small needle I barely felt it.

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