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Favorite Restaurant?

My ILs are coming for Christmas which means..... DATE NIGHT!   Recommend your favorite restaurant... we're in SI.. .but are thinking our date night should be in Manhattan since we haven't been there alone (no kids) since we were engaged (and really we were here on a trip with family, so that doesn't count either, hmm?). 

Any other recs.... toss 'em at me!

Re: Favorite Restaurant?

  • If you come to the city for date night then I would go to a fun area like the West Village or Meat Packing District.?



    Extra Virgin

    Fig & Olive (in Meat Packing)



    BLT Prime

    100 Acres

    Blue Fin?

    ?Have fun!?

  • Fabulous list!!!

    I love the Meat Packing restaurants and the area.

    I would also add One and my favorite Buddakan!!-tough to get reservations, so I would book right away. For drinks, but not food, I would stop by Buddha bar. It has a large Buddha in the dining area and beautiful decor. Also, Spice Market is fun and cool too!

    Have a blast on Date night!


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  • just went to morimoto for our anniversary if you like sushi! :)


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