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Scrapbooking pays off!

Niko is enjoying looking at my pregnancy scrapbook.  He asks, "Look at Mommy's book!  See Mommy's belly!"  It is so cute!  When he looks at the pics of my belly he says "Look at THAT BELLY!"  lol.  His favorite page is one I did of myself pg and swimming.  Now I have the motivation to catch up and finish more books about him!  We should do a scrapbooking G2G!


OT...btw...if you want another funny Niko-ism, it is in the weekly check in.  I gave him his plate of dinner last night and he tried it then proclaimed, "No like it."


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Re: Scrapbooking pays off!

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    I haven't been able to find the time to actually scrapbook I think since we have had E... I would LOVE to do a scrapbook GTG.  I keep thinking I am going to go down to that Gatlinburg scrapbook store and do one of their scrapbooking weekends sometime and I never do.  I would definitely be interested in doing a local GTG to scrapbook... even 1 time a month would be freaking awesome.  We could trade off going to each others houses to do it too. 

    DH is trying to redo my "scrapbook" room!  I can't wait to have a whole room just for crafting!  :)
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    This is my motivation for finishing Nora's albums and even our wedding album (yikes!) so I can show her someday. I love that Niko is fascinated by your baby belly.
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    I have boxes and boxes of pictures just sitting there and have never scrapbooked but have thought about there a book or website or something I could look at? I wouldn't even know where to begin.
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    I would love a scrapbooking GTG!!!
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