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I did find a sitter for Cecelia.  She is great!  Another teacher that I work with also takes her kids to her.  How is your sitter working out?

I pretty much can't stand to leave her and go to work everyday.  Like I was looking for ways to not go back to work after xmas break.  :(  But there is no way we can work that out this year, so I am now counting down the days until summer break (110).  I am almost positive I am going to babysit out of my home next year, so if you are interested or know anyone who is - I'll post my info on this board this summer.

And BTW - Leah's pic is sooo cute!  I actually bought that same dress for Cecelia, I can't wait to get some professional photos taken!

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    I'm so glad you found a sitter for Cecelia. It really does make going back easier. We are doing about 100 times better with our sitter situation and Leah seems much happier, which is great!

    I know it is hard leaving every day. I think about Leah all day long and can't wait to pick her up. I am so glad to hear you may be babysitting out of your home. I will definitely keep you updated on what our situation is and if we're staying here in Dayton or not!

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