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Eco Friendly Holiday Cards?

I dont' want to send out holiday cards this year because it's just such a big waste (I know I throw them out every Jan!)  But we've sent them out the past few years so i don't really want anyone to think we just didn't send THEM one, you know? Anyone have any creative ideas? What are you doing?

Re: Eco Friendly Holiday Cards?

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    could you send an E-Card instead? or maybe scale down to post cards...

    We're only sending out cards to friends and family that we don't see in person and that live more than one state away... that way we can tell those that we do see that we're not sending cards this year and no one is hurt... we also started spreading the word last week about no cards.

    i do recycle the cards we do get into ornaments (you'll see when the EFF exchange is revealed) so nice and we can enjoy the cards for years to come this way... 

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    I am sending cards/envelopes made from recycled paper (100% recycled, 30+% PCW) and putting a note in there to please recycle the cards, and I know some people will and some won't.  I only send out about 15 cards - not to every Tom, Jack & Harry.  I'm not in the kind of circle where people get their feelings hurt over stuff like that.
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    I always save all my cards from the year before (and have a friend or two give me theirs!) and then sit down one or two afternoons and make new cards from them. The fronts are often not written on. I try and combine the designs to come up with something new.

    Or just use contruction paper and fold a card shape and glue the front of an old card on the front of the new card.

    Sounds kind of cheesy but can come out quite beautiful and unique.

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    I used to make ours then I'm going to email ours instead of print and mail.  There are a few people we don't have email addresses for I might print out for them and mail.
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