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Do you need the cold rinse if there is no poop?

Re: Do you need the cold rinse if there is no poop?

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    Once there started being PB poop, I don't do a cold rinse even if there is poop.  No cold risne is necessary if there is no poop at all, for sure.
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    I do.
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    If I know there's absolutely been no poo, I don't cold rinse.  

    But I won't do one if we ever get to a completely plopping poop stage like MrsKittyCat :)

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    No poop, no cold rinse. And since we have ploppable poop, I never do a cold rinse anymore.
    - Jena
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    i stopped cold rinsing a while ago. to me it didn't make a difference in how the diapers came out, and we are having water restrictions due to a shortage so i need to cut back where i can. we have a mix of bf & pb poo now, but even with the bf poo it didn't do much. i was just doing it b/c other people were doing it! 
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    Oh, no, DS's poop is rarely ploppable... I'm saying that I did a cold rinse with runny BF poop, but when he started having PB poop that had to be scraped off the diaper into the toilet, I stopped doing the cold rinse first and just went straight to hot wash because cold rinse didn't seem to make any difference in how the diapers came out.
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