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NER- How to heat bottle of Gluhwein?

One of you domestic goddesses should be able to help with this, I hope.  We got a couple bottles of Gluhwein (German spiced wine holiday drink that is supposed to be served hot).  How do we go about heating it?  I think someone told me once to just immerse the bottle in hot water for a little bit, but that seems like a lot of work and a little risky.  Can we just pour the contents into a saucepan and heat on low?

Re: NER- How to heat bottle of Gluhwein?

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    Saucepan on low. The pre-bottled stuff tastes better if you toss some orange slices in there.

    I meant to buy a cheap bottle of red wine today to make Gluhwein.

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    I've also done it for a few hours in a crock pot on high, that way it stays warm for refills/larger groups of people.

    & ditto on the orange slices.  Sometimes a throw a couple cinnamon sticks & cloves in a boil bag and let it float for a short bit while spiced drinks heat.  Don't know how much flavor it adds, but it smells delish!

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    must.try.Gluhwein.   That is all =)
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    No idea!  BUT, I love Kendall's armrolls in that pic!  They're very 'Stay-Puff Marshmellow Man'!
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    I always saw it served out of a crockpot in Germany.
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