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How Joe Saved Joanie: A Touching Tail of Quadrapedal Goodness.

Joe was a 90lb+ American Pit Bull Terrier.  He was impeccably well-mannered, loving, protective, sweet, and hilarious goofball.  He was well trained, and would obey with a mere look or hand gesture (which, in my opinion, is requisite for any dog of great strength).  

 When we brought Joanie home from the hospital, I nursed her to sleep and laid her gingerly in her antique handmade cradle at the foot of our bed.  Exhausted, and recovering from a grueling c-section, I fell into bed and attempted sleep myself.  A few minutes later, Joe began whining incessantly.  I gave him the command to return to his bed (next to mine), and he would not obey.  Frustrated, I again directed him to his bed.  Again, he refused to obey.  Thinking he had been overcome with jealousy because of our new little family member, I arose from bed to bring him to his crate.  It was at this point I realized he was standing over Joanie's cradle, continuing to whine passionately.  

I looked at Joanie, and discovered she was in respiratory distress.  Her entire body was in full extension (arms flailed back, neck arched), gasping for air.  Immediately, EMT Mom kicked into action.  I was able to restore her breathing to normal after a few brief, albeit terrifying, moments.  

Joe received many praises and treats that night.  If he hadn't been there, our family would have suffered an unthinkable loss.  

 Later on, at the pediatrician's office, we found that the reason for her respiratory distress was my lack of milk production.  Despite nursing for hours on end, the poor little girl was so hungry, she would swallow air to fill her stomach.    This would distend her stomach, pressing up on her diaphragm, causing her to be unable to breathe.  Once the air was released from her abdomen, her breathing returned to normal. 

 The End. 

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