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Emerson Hospital OB?

Can anyone recommend an OB who delivers at Emerson Hospital? Thanks!
Nadia Irene 8/13/07 Reid Owen 8/18/09

Re: Emerson Hospital OB?

  • I used Kramer OB/GYN, specifically Dr Sinopoli. I also saw Dr Hale (whom I love) and Dr Kramer. The staff and nurses in the practice were great. I will go back to Dr Sinopoli for baby #2 when the time comes. GL
  • I used Dr. Balcomb.  She is great!  I am expecting number 2 in July and I will definately use her again. 

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  • I second Kramer OBGYN, we've loved the practice.
  • I'm new to this board and I'm so glad to hear good things about Kramer OB/GYN. I've seen her for 4 years and I love love love her!!! However, I am yet to preg. so I didn't what people thought about her on the other end.

    My SIL uses Dr. Balcomb and she really liked her as well!

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  • I also use Kramer OBGYN and I HIGHLY recommend the practice, specifically Dr. Hale.  We just had our childbirth class yesterday, and the birthing center at Emerson is the most beautiful one I have seen in the area. 

  • I love Dr. Hale. He assisted on my Csection in 2006 and recently referred me to Boston IVF to get pregnant again. He has an amazing bedside manner and really takes the time to answer any questions/concerns that you have!
  • I completely agree.  My husband feels like Dr. Hale really takes the time with each of his patients and really appreciates how caring he is with me and with each milestone of my pregnancy.  I truly hope Dr. Hale will be delivering me.

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