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Lanolizing Wool Covers

How do you lanolize wool covers? I have lots of lanolin left over from when I start breastfeeding & I'm really hoping I can use some of that to get the job done. Also, how often do you have to do this? When they wear them does the wool feel damp or completely dry?

Just wondering these things...Thanks so much!

Re: Lanolizing Wool Covers

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    We wash and lanolize once a month. If he wears it more often we wash and lanolize sooner, like when it smells or something. To lanolize I rinse the wool in warm water. While it is soaking I add hot water to a jar, a squirt of baby wash, and I squeeze about an inch long piece of lanolin in the jar. I microwave it until it is really hot and the lanolin is suspended in the water when I shake it. Then I add it to the wool in the rinse water and rub it through. I always turn the wool inside out before rinsing it so the lanolin is more concentrated on the inside. I let it soak for 15 minutes, then turn back right side out and rinse with lukewarm water. I know that is alot of directions and it sounds complicated, but it is really easy. And, when my DS wears wool they feel a little damp on the inside, but never on the outside of the cover.
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    Great! Thanks so much!
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