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Awful Night...No sleep

Caedan had an absolutely awful night and I had very little sleep. ?But I did learn something, if all else fails bring on the rock songs. ?He will fall asleep.
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Re: Awful Night...No sleep

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    I agree.  Dylan loves Nirvana - lol!

    We have lots of bad nights, but I never thought of busting out the grunge at 3 a.m.  Will have to try it next time!

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    I can relate - DD has been sleeping like she did when she was 1-2 months old!  She was STTN, now she wakes up every night, sometimes more than once.  The other night was AWFUL.  Last night she was up and wanted to play.  Sometimes she just keeps waking up for no apparent reason.  Mommy is tired!
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    Sorry that you're not getting any rest.  Lily has been on a sleep hiatus for about 5 days now.  She keeps fighting sleep at every turn.  Last night she actually went down great, but ended up awake 3 times in the night.
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    Awww, sorry to hear that.
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    ugh. i'm glad you found something that works!

    maddi always eats about three times a night. usually i don't even have to wake up, but between that and her 6 am good morning i very rarely feel well rested either. MIL keeps trying to tell me to start her on solids, so she will sleep better. i'm honestly about ready to try it!

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    Awww so sorry!  At least you figured out a new trick!
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