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Glad to hear Mason didn't have any problems with his surgery. I do have a question though: Did the tube catheter seem to hurt him? Was it hard to change the dressings or change his diapers? It seems to me that Children's really knows what they are doing with same day surgery. I'm pretty familiar with SDS b/c my mom works at a surgery center. Dr. Bob DeFoor is the urologist we are seeing. Ayden decided to pee all over his this morning. lol I'm sure I will have more questions later on, would it be a problem if I asked you some more if they come up? Thanks!!

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    Abolutely not - ask away!!  I know how much it helps to hear form someone who has gone through it. 

    He actually didn't have a catheter since he didn't have any hypospadias -- just the chordee.  After the surgery, he had a clear plastic bandage that was wrapped around the penis, but that was it.  Once the bandage fell off (which took less than a day), we had to start putting neosporin on it.  That was difficult at first - I could tell it hurt him when I touched the area because he would cry a little.  He kind of got used to it and after the third day or so, it wasn't so bad. 

    I saw in the previous post that you said you were nervous about the anesthesia.  Trust me, that was my biggest fear too - him actually going under (and I'm a pharmacist!  LOL).  He did great with it though.  He was kind of in a trance when he woke up.  He took a bottle and then we took him home.  About an hour later, he really snapped out of it and started getting back to being himself.  He was pretty fussy, so we fed him lunch and put him down for a nap.  Once we woke up from his nap, you would have never known that he had had surgery that day.  It was amazing!

    Do you have your surgery scheduled yet?  If at all possible, get an early time slot.  Ours was at 7am and I can't imagine doing it any later since he couldn't eat after like 1am or so, and he is so used to getting a bottle when he wakes up.  One of the nurses told me to wake him up in the middle of the night and give him a bottle right before the cutoff time.  I did that, and I think that helped.

    Anyway, that's way more info than you asked for, but just thought I'd share!  I've not heard of that doctor, but I think pretty much any doctor at Children's is just wonderful.  I am so thankful to live near that hospital.  Oh, and I bet those pediatric urologists get peed on a lot!  LOL :)

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    Thanks so much for the info. It really helps. I will keep that in mind about waking him up right before cutoff to feed him. We haven't made the appointment yet, but will keep in mind to make it as early as we can. Hopefully he is a tough little guy like Mason and it wont bother him to much. Just nervous, worried, and scared, but you've help calm my nerves some. Thanks =)
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