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Sorry we didn't get to chat more at the wedding! When you said hello, one of their cousins was in the midst of telling me they were doing an artificial insemination today (they've tried to get pregnant for almost 2 years now) so I wanted to be a good listener.  In other news, you and Susan will have to duke it out for cutest pregnant lady. You look great!!

The wedding was really nice.  Susan looked beautiful.  She ended up using some relics from our wedding (including my veil, aaw memories) Little Rog walking her down the aisle had me in tears. How sweet was that?  We stayed til almost the end and I think she and Rog and Pam and Bob were very happy with how it all went.

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    Hey Kristen!  Oh - I totally understand!  I just wanted to be sure I said hello and introduced myself. Smile

    Little Rog was so cute...he was definitely showing off his 3 year old side at the reception when he sat at our table - ha ha!

    We had a great time at the wedding!  It was so nice and was just 'enough', ya know?  I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to get Lily and go to my grandmother's 80th birthday party.  Busy day!

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    Mike asked if I met my "computer friend." What a dork.  Stick out tongue

    Yup, it was just right for a Sunday wedding.  The band they hired was great!  Some of the aunts and uncles talked about hiring them to play a family party.  Her flowers were beautiful, I've got an arrangement on my mantle.

    He was wild, that's for sure. He's a funny kid. Did the little guy drink from the wrong glass while you guys were still there?  Oops.  

    Susan's coming by this morning to drop off some stuff.   I'm anxious to hear how the rest of the day went!

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