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Do you have 1 or 2 carseats?

We're in the process of deciding which convo carseat we'll get once dc outgrows her snugride and was wondering,  how many will we need  really.

 Is it a complete hassle to move carseats?   is one just enought?

this'll prob affect which 1 we get


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Re: Do you have 1 or 2 carseats?

  • We're getting two just because it is a huge hassle and, frankly, I'm too lazy to keep switching them.  I'm splurging on the one for the car he rides in 90% of the time and will get something nice, but not as top of the line, for the other car.
  • We have 3!  One for each of us and one for my mom (who watches Grace during the day).   Switching it seems like a hassle to me.  Since Grace is in all 3 cars regularly, it just seemed to make sense. 

    We were also worried about getting stranded without a seat.  Like if we accidentally left it in DHs car and he went off to work, for instance.

  • We got two highly rated for safety but reasonably priced chairs (evenflo titan) for the price of our Britax that I returned!!!!!!  It was soooo worth it!!!  For us we needed two seats b/c we are always on the go and switching off.
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  • great points, thanks!


    i've def been stranded without her stroller frame before. 

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  • We will only have one, but I SAH and if we are going places with DD we take my car
  • We have 2 for DS, but he's approaching the limit on the one in DH's car. He's in a Marathon in mine, which is the car he's in 90% of the time. DD just has one seat (a Marathon too) and I don't think we'll be getting another. It is a hassle to move seats around IMO, so if your child rides in both vehicles frequently, it would probably be best to get 2.
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