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Jeep Commander RF car seat??

We have an 07 Jeep Commander and can't seem to find a car seat that will fit rear-facing without sacrificing the front passenger seat room.

Any suggestions? We've tried putting a convertible car seat and an infant car seat w/ base rear-facing in the middle row (behind passenger and in the middle), but it still won't fit without moving the front seats up to where they are too uncomfortable for anyone to ride up there!

Please HELP!

Re: Jeep Commander RF car seat??

  • We have an '08 Liberty and we have a Britax Marathon in the center back seat with no problem.  DH drives with the seat all the way back.  What seats have you tried? 

    We used to have the Roundabout in the Jeep, but we switched it over to DH's small car.  The Roundabout fit in the Jeep with tons of room. 

    My only complaint about how the Marathon fits in is that it's a little tall and I have to lean forward to check my blind spot. 

    BRU will let you take the display seats out to the car to try, so give that a shot!

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