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Holiday dress?

I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but where are people getting holiday dresses for dd? I'm getting nervous that I have missed the boat on this one, and may not be able to find one...

TIA! :)

Re: Holiday dress?

  • I actually got mine at a consignment shop.  I didn't feel like spending a fortune on something she'd wear for one day.  This is it:

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  • There are tons at Walmart and Zellers (Our version of Target) so I don't think you've missed them, yet.
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  • Look online at JCP, they've got some cute ones.
  • Yay! All good ideas...thank you!! :)

  • I got my DD's at Gymboree.
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  • The Children's Place.  They had a few cute ones!

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  • I bought two brand new smocked Petit Ami dresses off eBay for $17.
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