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07 Jeep Commander car seat??

We have an 07 Jeep Commander and can't seem to find a car seat that will fit rear-facing without sacrificing the front passenger seat room.

Any suggestions? We've tried putting a convertible car seat and an infant car seat w/ base rear-facing in the middle, but it still won't fit without moving the front seats up to where they are too uncomfortable for anyone to ride up there!

Please HELP!

Re: 07 Jeep Commander car seat??

  • All I can think to suggest is:

    Does the passenger seat move back? 

  • the middle row seat does not move back (this is where the car seat would go) - the front passenger does move forwards and backwards, but w/ a car seat in the middle row, the front passenger seat has to be moved all the way up to where no one can ride in it!
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  • I wonder if the dealership would have any suggestions, that is weird that they would make a car that a car seat wouldn't ft in...
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