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Update: Nora's friend in the hospital

I called and talked to my friend (the mom of the little boy in the hospital).  From what she told me, it sounds like he started out with what Nora had, but it got a lot worse.  It is so bad that they were flown from one hospital to another.  He is now having to be on oxygen because he's developed pneumonia and RSV on top of whatever the other "bug" is.  The pediatric specialist didn't know what it was, so the infectious disease specialist is going to look at him tomorrow.

I apologized profusely to her and told her that I never would have brought Nora to playgroup had I known her "cold" was actually the beginning of something a lot more serious.  She had it and then got over it so quickly that I didn't even worry about it.  (Most likely something like roseola).  This little guy is swollen from head to toe in a rash and can't even open his eyes.

The only common place they have been was in the church nursery.  We are betting that the toys have never been cleaned there, so I'm going to go tomorrow armed with some Clorox and wipe everything down.  *sigh*

Re: Update: Nora's friend in the hospital

  • how is he doing?  I'll pray for him.
  • ugh, re-reading, I guess you sort of  explained that.  I meant is he improving?
  • Don't beat yourself up over this.  He may not even have picked up what Nora had and it could be completely different with just similar symptoms.  I'll keep him and my family in my thoughts and prayers.  I'll be hoping for a quick recovery for him and that he's home soon.
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    ugh, re-reading, I guess you sort of  explained that.  I meant is he improving?

    Yes and no.  I think the first hospital gave him waaaaay too much medicine that he didn't even need and he was reacting to that.  Now, he's on a diuretic to help bring the swelling down.  He's very uncomfortable and Mom is a mess.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated.  His name is Ethan. 

  • Aw, poor little guy!  I really hope you're not blaming yourself for this because you shouldn't.  Take care and we'll keep little Ethan in our thoughts.
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