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Is your DC a tummy sleeper?

If yes, do you roll DC to sleep on his/her back?

DD is usually a side sleeper, but lately she keeps rolling to her belly. I guess I am a bit paranoid because she has been co-sleeping with me up until 2 nights ago... now she is in her crib.

Do you roll your DC to his/her back? What if DC keeps rolling back to the belly?

Re: Is your DC a tummy sleeper?

  • nope. I just let her sleep however is most comfortable for her. She's been rolling on to her tummy or side since she was about 5 months. I worried but the pedi said there was nothing I could do to stop her, it was perfectly safe at this age, to just keep putting her down on her back and let her be, however she wanted to sleep.
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  • Yes, he's almost always on his tummy now.  My pedi said once they can roll, it's not necessary to roll them to their backs.  They'll just keep rolling back anyway!  At 9 months, I don't think you need to worry about your DD not lifting her head to breathe if she needs to.
  • THanks ladies, I am just a bit paranoid now that DD no longer co-sleeps with me.


  • DS has been a tummy sleeper since week 3... and we do not roll him to his back.  He showed us early on that the belly was more comfortable.  We all got more rest once we gave in.  Now that he can roll over himself, it's really not a concern to me at all.  I sleep on my belly, too, so I can't blame him! :)
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