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Do you dream feed?

Wondering how it's done and if it actually does help DC sleep longer at night. I'd be so afraid I'd wake him up, and I'm also afraid of feeding him without burping him because he's quite a spitter.

Re: Do you dream feed?

  • i've also wondering how/why you feed a sleeping baby?

  • If C wakes up anywhere between 2-5 I will feed her but she usually keeps her eyes closed. I still burp her and then lay her down and she goes right back to sleep. Not sure if thats considered a 'dream feed' but its got to be close!?
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  • My pedi said that when babies start being able to go longer between feeds they will usually skip the 10 or 11pm feeding and wake up between 1 and 2, so "dream feeding" involves feeding them without really waking them up before you go to bed so that they don't wake up until later. It would make sense on a night like tonight where M ate at 6pm because I know he won't make it all the way till 6am, and if I can feed him now and then go to sleep myself I might be able to get a longer stretch. But I'm just afraid to try it lol.

  • I dreamfeed my 5 month old. At first I was skeptical. The first night I tried it (when he was 2 months old) he barely ate anything...but he did not wake up! The next night...different story: he still didn't wake up, but he latched on and ate as if he were awake. He's been sleeping through the night (until 7am or so) since the week before he turned 3 months old. I swear by it. Give it a try!
  • Go ahead and give it a try. It didn't really work for us as far as DS sleeping through the night. Now I just wake up when he does. I do swear though that it did take him out of the good schedule that he was on. He used to sleep for stretches of 5 hours and now it's almost every two or three hours. I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but ever since I did dreamfeeding his schedule just hasn't been the same. 
  • I dreamfeed every night!  The only times I did not, she woke up about 2 am.  She never wakes up (just stirs a bit) when I feed her.  I will probably do it until about 7 months or so when she is eating more solids.  If you do it, just keep the lights off and aim for 10 or 11 pm.  (that is the time the baby whisperer recommends)

     For those wondering why you would feed a sleeping baby, it is so you can pick the time they eat and not them (i.e. 11pm and NOT 3 am).  If your baby is a lucky baby who would sleep through the night without eating, then of course a dreamfeed isn't needed! 

  • We've done it the last 2 nights. We just take out his thumb when he's sleeping and put in the bottle. Works like a charm. He stays sleeping in his crib and we don't have to wake him.
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