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4oz and wants more

dd has already had 4 oz and is wanting more. i would give it to her but the last time i did i ended up covered in it. i'm trying to distract her with her pacifier but she spits it back out.

Re: 4oz and wants more

  • Give her a knuckle to suck on!
  • Feed her more. This may be the time that she doesn't spit it back up. Sometimes they can surprise you with how much they eat. My kids both eat tons when going through a growth spurt.
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  • DS has been doing the same thing lately.  I try not to let him have more than 6, but find that he usually only does .5 to 1 ozs over 4 at any given feeding and is fine.  It's like he just wants that little bit more that's not in the bottle. 
  • Burp her well and give her some more.  My DD was a little piggy girl and never ate the recommended amount per feeding.  She was going for 6 oz by 2 months.  Her weight is fine...only 25%ile, which is her normal, so I don't think she was overfed at all.  Full tummy=happy baby.
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  • my dd has started doing this too this week and I have been feeding her 5 oz..  ( she's a month old).. and so far she hasn't spit up at all...

    good luck!

  • It looks like you posted this later at night--maybe she's starting to cluster feed. My ds is 4 months old now, and it was just one night my husband decided to give him an extra ounce at bedtime and baby ate it and kept it all down. He slept longer that night, too!
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