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3rd Trimester

What are you doing to bring on labor?

Are you trying anything? My midwife said to have sex everyday but that is NOT happening! I started taking evening primrose oil tonight. I walk all the time anyways, but I've been trying to add in a little more walking.

What are you trying?

Re: What are you doing to bring on labor?

  • Nothing really yet.  I kind of don't want to have him until next Friday.  DH only gets 3 weeks leave and I want him home for Christmas.
  • Next week I will start trying the ball, pineapple, and maybe sex. Oh, and I will be walking more. But I don't necessarily want her out next week. I'm just going to start trying stuff.
  • Nothing yet, but I will probably try something later this week.  I am open to any suggestions....
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  • I've been walking, membranes were stripped, we've had sex a couple times, nipple stimulation, pineapple, basalmic vinagarette, and tonight I cleaned the floors. I've just been trying to keep myself busy and distracted! I won't try castor oil though.
  • Cleaning the floors? What's that about?

    Yeah, I'm definitely not doing the castor oil thing!

  • My friend used castrol or castro oil? Im not sure what its called.  SHe also started to use her breast pump to stimulate her nipples. It worked after a day or so.
  • Well today is the only day I've put any effort into it...my doc's been out of town so I was fine w/ the baby staying put over the holiday! I strolled around the mall for a good 1+ hr. Had tight contrax the whole time and although they stopped once I stopped walking, I'm hoping they at least helped dilate me.

    I told DH earlier that tonite may be his last chance in awhile to get any since we go into the doc's tomorrow and will then probably induce!

  • I wouldn't mind having the baby this week, but I have one final exam next Wednesday, so preferably she will wait until after that to come out. I guess at that point I will try sex, nipple stim, and long walks. DH is already trying to massage my heel, lol.
  • Cleaning the floors was to keep me busy and on my feet, but it did produce tightness in my abdomen while I was doing it.
  • Fresh pineapple - but I really just wanted some. =P?

    and sex! ?I told DH our sex session this morning must have done something because I lost a bit of my mucous plug. ?He got really freaked out and asked if that meant I was going into labor. ?LOL

  • In a few more weeks I plan on starting acupuncture treatments, plus exercise, sex and red raspberry leaf tea.  I am READY to have this baby out.  Smile

    But first, perineal massage.  Oh yes I am going there.  Stick out tongue

  • We had to wait it out until at least yesterday morning ( doc was OOT) I've been doing tons of extra walking and cleaning and stair climbing though..yesterday we had the most uncomfortable sex ever and it didn't go anything, lol. At least my c-section is tomorrow though so an end is in sight;0)
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