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It's time for you to start going to the toddler board.  Got it?

I switched a while back and I miss ya!

Re: ***LoriFalce***

  • LOL! I know! You, Jessicada, MarriedChick... All Joseph's favorite babies have left him and moved on. Well, we've got less than a month left here. I'll have to start auditing the Toddler board.

    Besides...a lot of the biitchy girls from the last board are moving up. Definitely time to start mosying along .

  • sorry.  butting in here....  I wondered why you hadn't been on in awhile!  you should come back....  we're so much fun! 
  • I do come over when toddlers is slow. 

    One of the reasons I moved early is I just did not care to hear from certain ppl who have moved over here. 

    Lisha- have you seen the BCS rankings?!?!!?

  • Yes!  I'm so excited!  I do think the they need to redo how things are done in the BCS.  I think they should have playoff games.... I'm so proud of my sooners though!
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