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Ugh, so upset!

We're decorating our tree tonight and getting out our other decorations and I can only find two stockings. I KNOW I had 4 that matched. Ugh... Crying
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Re: Ugh, so upset!

  • My UGH is that we planned on having 3 kids and I got 5 great stocking mantel holders. 

    But somehow we have just THREE stockings (need to buy dd one but dh thinks the ones we have are so sterile... we had very personal, hand made ones growing up) so my dd doesn't have one.

    And I'm not allowed to have more kids (very dangerous medically) so I guess we have an extra mantel stocking holder we don't need.  We would have been pregnant right now if we could have been.   Sad

    But yay for two healthy kids.

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