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I have a newborn again

DD I swear is switching her nights and days again.  She now has decided to go to bed around 9 PM and up every two hours.  She is really hungry.  I now have her co-sleeping with me and just lay there and have her nurse.

What happened to my STTN baby in her own crib?

Well, during the day she is not that hungry.  I am trying to get her to eat more during the day.

No teeth at all.  I swear she is doing this since we are flying cross-country soon on a red-eye alone and I thought she would sleep through the trip.  Ugh.

Re: I have a newborn again

  • There must be some changes they go through at this age..ds is doing it too.  We had to go through 2 hours of him fighting going to sleep last night..and lately he is waking up constantly to eat!  We don't have teeth yet either.

    I just realized our babies are the exact same age!  :)

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