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Still spitting up?

My DS is still spitting up about just as much as he has all along - since day 1.  People are saying it should stop soon but it doesn't seem to.  This is at EVERY feeding.  Sometimes he goes through 3 outfits during the day and he never wears an outfit without a bib.  Does anyone feel my pain? If so, do tell!

Re: Still spitting up?

  • Isaac spits up a lot too - but it is like he doesn't even notice.

    I jinxed myself yesterday by saying it was slowing down. Today he spit up so much, it was crazy. It isn't all at once either, it is some here, some there then a lot, then a little bit... completely unpredictable. Today I was cuddling with him on the couch and I leaned him forward for a kiss and he spit up all down inside my shirt - I'm just glad he missed my mouth. Ick!


    So... I feel your pain =(

  • 5 months here and DS is still a major spitter.  He's even on Enfamil AR.  I have never been convinced that it actually helped anything.  Like pp, I have days when I think it's getting better, but then he'll have a major projectile episode and we're back at square one.  It is very frustrating to say the least.  He is gaining weight like crazy, though, and he doesn't act like it bothers him, so the pedi says it's nothing to worry about.  It still drives me crazy.

    So, yes, I feel your pain!

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  • yes, my DD and I are ban from friend's sofas, rugs, ect
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  • My DD spit up until she was almost 1...continue accessorizing with a bib and wear your hair in a ponytail!  GL!!!! 
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