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Green air freshener?

A friend of mine is looking for a "green" plug-in air freshener.  She has been using one from Bath & Body Works and it has been giving her guide dog diarrhea.  Anyone have a suggestion that I can pass along?  TIA!

Re: Green air freshener?

  • hmm don't know. ?But today I was?wondering?if CC linen spray can be used as an air?freshener. ?I always spray it in the?trash can.
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  • essential oils in water is the most ef. baking soda can also absorb odors. any kind of synthetic fragrance = not ef. hth! that sucks about her poor doggie!
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  • Oh wow I guess I hadn't read everything. ?I'm sorry about the doggie too :o(
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  • also those things you plug into the walls freak me out- I just think they have to be a fire hazard!
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  • imagedaisyterp:
    also those things you plug into the walls freak me out- I just think they have to be a fire hazard!

    Yea I have always been a bit weirded out about plug-ins as well.?

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  • I do the EO in water at my house, but since she seems to want the plug-in variety I thought I'd check with you all.  I'll probably just give her a spray bottle with some water and geranium oil in it.  (That smells "clean" to me!)

    It is sad about her doggie...makes me wonder what happens to kids that smell that!

  • Hey Journey! I was just thinking about you because I haven't seen you post in awhile. Your baby is so cute! I was just over on and she used a small crockpot as an air freshener. You could check that out but I dont know about how that would work with a guide dog around (wouldn't want him to drink it). Hope that helps!?
  • Anything with "fragrance" or "fragrance oils" is generally not green or safe (actually quite toxic, which is why I'm surprised so many eco-nesties use them).  I like to simmer cinnamon sticks on the stove this time of year.  I've also looked into getting one of these  to use with essential oils. 


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