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Changing name at the last minute

So for the last at least 5 months, we were naming the baby Kaden. I was never in love with it, but my husband was. He saw it written out the other day and decided he's not so in love with it. So we are looking at new names now, and Gavin is winning so far.

I've told everyone all along that we were leaning towards Kaden, but that's not his name. I hated it when anyone would call him that.

So I wonder if anyone is going to freak when we don't name him Kaden. I told everyone not to monogram anything so they shouldn't be too freaked out, right?

Re: Changing name at the last minute

  • My neighbor had a daughter and named her Lily Anne. They brought her home and three days later decided she looked more like a Lily Rose.

    So they had to legally change her name, but they did it. It made for a good story.

    It is YOUR child. You can name him whatever you want, no matter WHAT you've told people so far!

  • They won't be freaked out, maybe just prepare them a little that you still are not "set" on that name....
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  • Who cares if other people freak out? A name's not a name till it's on the birth certificate as far as I'm concerned.
  • We told the parents our name decision on Thanksgiving, but put a disclaimer that it's subject to change. If they decide to run out and monogram stuff.... well, it's possible that they wasted their money. Pick the name you want, period.
  • I hate to even say this, but I feel the same way about our name. 

    We've told everyone that it's Jackson Griffin Mc_____ (He'll be called Jax or Griff) but I like Jack Griffin (see siggy).   I just don't like the "on, in" ending of the names together. 


  • I think late name changes happen a lot and its the reason we haven't really told people the name we choose.  I told a few friends just to get general feedback, but I haven't told any family. 
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  • I'm glad we aren't the only ones with late name changes!

    I never really liked telling people, but I always felt pressured to tell people something.


  • It's not anyone's place to be freaked are allowed to change your mind at any point!

    Besides, Gavin is a MUCH better name than Kaden. ?Love it!?

  • We were completely sold on the name Jackson until about three weeks ago. Now it's changed. We did get one mongorammed item at a shower with that name but it can be changed. I agree with pp who said it's not the name until it's on the birth cert so no one should be surprised at the change. I like Gavin much better as well. Good luck.

  • The naming decision is yours and your husband's alone, so don't worry about what anyone else thinks. I just got a lot of pressure over the holiday from family who either A) don't like our current top choice name or B) want us to decide now what the name is so they can order gifts with it. It was frustrating, but we stood firm on saying "If we like it, we like it, and no, we haven't decided yet." What is it about baby-related decisions that makes everyone else in the world think they've got a say??
  • Sometimes I still think about not naming Emmy, emmy. Dunno yet, but its not over till its over. :)
  • I completely changed my daughter's name in the delivery room. She was supposed to be Eleanor, she is now Teagan. No one had much to say about it, they were too excited about the baby being here to care what her name was.
  • I was all set on the name Jacob but DH wasn't and also had nothing to offer up as an alternative. I told everybody I'd bring him around by the time the baby was born. Well, his mom called us in the hospital to see how my labor was progressing and while he was on the phone with her he told her we were naming him Nicholas. It is definitely a better name for our boy - he didn't really turn out to look like a Jacob.
  • I say change it if you like the new name better. Your baby will have this name for the rest of it's life. Even if people freak out for a minute, they'll have no choice but to get over it!!
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