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Grr...fricking baby crack machine

The damn thing has started squeaking. I thought it was the fan in his room when I heard it on the monitor last night, but DH confirmed that it's the projector on the BCM. Since the projector seems to help DS fall back to sleep on his own in the middle of the night, we don't want to turn it off, but everytime the damn thing starts squeaking, I hold my breath and wait for DS to wake up and start fussing. I'm going to fiddle with it tomorrow, but I have a feeling I'll be grabbing another one from JCP.

Re: Grr...fricking baby crack machine

  • Okay, we didn't buy the babycrack. But Joseph's sleepy bear, the one with the womb heartbeat sounds, starts to do that when the batteries are running low. I don't know...does that plug in or is it batteries?
  • I use the projector as a nightlight when I go in to feed DD, but mine squeaks too. I agree it is annoying
  • we're on our 3rd BCM due to the squeaking and this one just started.  I hate that DD is addicted to it our I'd stop replacing them...
  • Yes, we use it as a nightlight when we have to go in, too. On some nights we need to use the trifecta of the baby crack machine, his aquarium crib soother and his seahorse doll. So far the squeaking doesn't seem to bother him, so I'm hoping he'll continue to sleep through it.
  • it's going to stop rotating soon--I've been thru 2 of them and that's the 1st sign
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  • ditto PP on the stopping rotating. ours did the squeaky thing for about a week and then stopped. i still use it as a nightlight, and she doesn't seem to mind that it doesn't rotate. fwiw, the squeaking stopped :)
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