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Am I the only one?...

That is still using their bouncy chair for their DC? DS is 20lbs. and still loves his bouncy seat but perhaps it needs to be put away?

I am sad how time flies, I feel like it was just yesterday we put him in it when came home from the hospital and he was too tiny to stay in it... even for the straps.

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Re: Am I the only one?...

  • I still use it but not often.
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  • Oh, lord, Joseph's been out of it since at least five months. It wasn't weight. It was because he was sitting up and didn't like the semi-reclined position. We moved him to his FP Space Saver high chair. He only ever sat in it to eat, anyway. He never liked it that much. It's in storage now.
  • We still use it all the time and DD loves it! She slept in it a few nights last week when she was really stuffed up and cried when we laid her down.

    I agree on it being sad how time flies. I was so excited when DD could finally reach the toys to play with them and now her moose of a self hangs off it.

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  • I don't because dd lean forward and would tip it over.  Isn't it hard to put up the baby things?  It's like it makes them less of a baby.... They grow up so fast...  it makes me sad.
  • We are about to retire Molly's. She is just getting to big for it. Now she is trying to sit up in it, and I am afraid she is going to tip the thing over.
  • I only use it for her to sit in while I shower in the morning.

    Since she can sit up and roll over, it makes it difficult for her to sit still in there and really enjoy it. For my 10 min. shower, it's a life saver.

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