TTC After a Loss


Hi Kristin :)

thanks for checking in - that was so sweet of you - it's great to have a cycle buddy ! ;)

I'm on day 12 - and using CBEFM -not sure when I'm going to O this month - 1st cycle after m/c I got a peak on day 14 , then last month I didn't get any high days or peak days....grr...

but DH and I are going to NYC this weekend so I'm looking forward to a little vacation FWP'ing,,,,:)

I've put a ban on DH's work travel the following week as well, just in case ( he had to reschedule a meeting! )

how is your cycle going ?

keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas miracle for us!!

Re: **kristinem17**

  • Ok - so we are 2 days apart in our cycles - close enough!

    I am just using OPK's - testing every 12 hours - hoping to get the smiley in the next 2 days, I am pretty regular.

    Your weekend in NYC sound very cool and you will definitely have to FWP your heart out!  That's funny that you are setting his travel schedule - got to keep the reins on!

    So far things are going well - I am staying positive.

    I told DH earlier today that there was just 1 thing I wanted for Christmas... He was like "I thought we weren't exchanging gifts?!"  I then said "It's not anything you to buy.  I want a BFP!"  And he goes "What the hell is that?"  I was laughing... I told him it stands for "Big Fat Positive Pregnancy Test".  He smiled and said he wanted the exact same thing for Christmas.  I told him if Santa doesn't deliver, New Year's would be just as good a time to get this gift.  He agreed.

    Sending baby dust your way....................

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