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3rd Trimester

Update on Logan

Just called the hospital, and in order to come home, he has to be drinking 8 full bottles a day (35 cc's each) in under a half hour.  Well today he did 15 at 8 am, and 7 at 11 am (the remaining is fed through an ng tube) but tonight at his 6pm feeding, he drank 26 cc's!!!!!!  I am so excited, he wants to come home!!!!!!  He's almost up to 1 whole bottle!  Sorry if this seems so small to some of you, but I am so excited!!!

Re: Update on Logan

  • That's so exciting! Go Logan go!
  • Aww that's great!  I hope he starts eating a ton so he gets to come home!
  • aw, that is great news!!!  And good news is never too small to share!
  • That is fantastic news! I am very happy for you and hope you get to bring yout sweet baby boy home VERY soon!
  • Awwww - go Logan! It sounds like he is doing really well. I hope he gets to come home soon!

    I must have missed when you had your baby.

  • Yay! And that's awesome, he's a little champ. Go Logan!
  • Thats so great!  Every little step he makes towards coming home is so exciting to hear!
    living it up in Disney for my 2nd birthday!
  • That is great news!!!!!   Sounds like he is on the fast track to coming home!
  • Thats freaking awesome! Logan, keep it up baby!!
  • this is so awesome! I have been keeping all 3 of you in my thoughts!
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