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Still using a nipple shield

I can't believe DD will be 7 mos soon and we are still using nipple shields.  We had latching problems at the beginning and a LC told me to use them.  She said it was because I had inverted nipples.  She checked me later and said the nipple shields were not stopping the milk supply and keep using them.

I have tried to wean her but I can't get her to latch correctly.  And I am always in fear of leaving the house without them.  Well, today I did forget them and my nipples are soooo sore right now.

I am glad I am able to bf, but I thought I would be off these things by now.  Anyone else still using them?

Re: Still using a nipple shield

  • I used a nipple shield for the first 7 weeks and it was a PITA!  I would have stopped BF if I wasn't able to wean him from the shield it annoyed me so  much.  Good job to you!  I had flat nipples and DS had latching problems.  Once I weaned him from the shield (we started each feed with it then took it off), my nipples hurt so much!  While I was weaning, I often had to put the shield back on because it was just so painful.  I remember sitting on the couch sobbing because I was in so much pain.  Seriously, though, good for you for sticking with it, but BF is so much easier without the darn shield.  I always feared forgetting it, too!  Good luck!
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