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  • I think its upsetting that our legal system allows people to repeatedly make the same mistakes at the expense of others
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  • That is extremely sad

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  • my only thoughts are that this is very, very sad.

    "The ashes of the 26-year-old's fiancee, Amy Bartelmey, were buried in his arms"

    my heart goes out to their family...such a young beautiful couple with their whole lives ahead of them. One would blame the system for allowing him to drive...but blaming won't bring back these people. It's just so sad.


  • What get me is the drunk driver was an illegal, he wasn't even supposed to have a license. He went through TWO convictions and was never deported.
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  • this is exactly why when illegal immigrants get in any kind of trouble with the law, need to have their asses taken back to wherever they came from.  and even if he had been a legal citizen he should have never been allowed back in a car to be driving anyway!

  • OMG... that is a tragedy!! What a very sad story for such a young couple with their entire life ahead. In Cali he would have already been in jail for his third strike and would have had a breathilizer on his vehicle not that that would have stopped this mad man from taking someone else's car. Wow, what an eye opener in the blink of an  eye it can all be gone.
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